Being an online retail shop where its main goal is to provide the best service to their customers in the selling of merchandises such as from their favorite TV shows, films, comics, novels and games, it is crucial for an online store like TV Store Online to have a website that is inviting and nice to look at.

There are a few areas in a retail website that needs consideration and this can be achieved successfully if the following elements are followed:


One of the most vital elements in web scripts and design – and something that the TV Store Online Website sorely lacks – is spacing. The layout shouldn’t be cramped and the texts shouldn’t be unreadable for users.

Simple Navigation

Simple navigation is crucial in order for a website to be able to function properly without having to break down and crash. They need not to be complex or unique. They just need to be easy to use and simple to recognize. Visitors only ask for simple things when it comes to browsing websites: familiarity on what area they are on in a site, a quick way to go back to the homepage and directions on which way to go.

Social Media Buttons/Links

A website needs to have social media links in order to be able to draw other people using social networking sites into their stores. If there seems to be an overload of social media links in the online shop, then that could easily overwhelm the visitor. Any links located below the upper part of the homepage should be avoided or removed.

Style For Buttons

Buttons should be identifiable and one of the same. They must have similar design special effects and touch, in spite of its position or reason for that button’s existence. The buttons in any online shop need to be clear and uniform.

Great Images

A website that contains great images is a mega plus for a website’s success. The image sizes should be sufficient, although it needs to be sharp and not appear pixilated.


There are big fonts and small fonts. If they are crammed up and there is no proper spacing in between the sentences, it makes it difficult to read for users.