Expert real estate agents should know by now that having a wider reach when it comes to online presence is important in getting more clients and selling more house and land packages. Online visibility could make or break a business depending on how it’s handled. If you have been in the business for years then you must have had the most basic tool needed to build an online presence such as a website, business blog and Facebook page for your business. These three can be easily established, what is more important is how you use these in order to succeed online.

– The website design should be responsive. With the advancement in technology, online users are now connected to the internet through various gadgets anywhere and anytime. When marketing your house and land packages online, users should be able to view your website properly no matter the type of device used. For smartphones, the screen is smaller and website designed for laptop computers might load longer and might not display properly. Responsive web design gives your website the ability to adapt to whatever device is used and how ever big the screen is.

– A real estate website should be localized and feature contents that are local to the area they are marketing. If you are selling house and land packages in a certain town then it is best to focus on that venue and provide more contents with the location in mind. This is more effective for visitors who just moved to the area and are looking for properties. With the website’s information regarding the local establishments and neighborhood, users tend to visit more often and trust is built.

– Gather more e-mails. A website should be able to get the user’s email if they wish to subscribe. A subscription could keep the user updated with the new properties up for sale, local news and events they should be interested in and so much more. With this link, sooner or later, once they decide to buy a property they will more likely remember the company’s name through the various emails.

– Answer online questions and you will be marketing yourself at the same time. For those who are not keen on searching every real estate website, they prefer to ask questions online and visit those provided in the answers.