Word cloud - web design

For a website is the most vital part of the business particularly for our marketing and branding campaigns. Take Papermart.com, for example, Visitors to that website have one thing in mind that is to search for different kinds of packaging materials that can be used to enhance products. It is therefore important to ensure that all information necessary for a purchasing decision is available on the site. Mistakes in web design can lose them thousands of dollars in revenue which means that investment must be made on professional web design for potential revenue.

Mistakes that have to be avoided in web design

1. Urgency is not an option – before designing a website, it is important to research the target audience in specific market. If you know the requirements of your audience, you can determine what they want from your site. What particular industry will require packaging and how will web design gain their attention? This question can easily be answered once you have researched your market.

2. Design should not be flashy – for a website dealing in packaging, like in the PaperMart exampel, a flashy design is not appropriate because it tends to lose its credibility. Flashy web designs do not look good in mobile devices and if you are targeting mobile users, the best option is to choose responsive web design so that your website can be accessed through different platforms.

3. No clear call to action – when a visitor accesses the site, he already knows what he needs and if you want this visitor to buy a product or subscribe to a newsletter, tell him what to do next. There must be a clear call to action to make it easy for the potential customer to decide.

4. Content must always be up to date – content must always address the needs of customers which means that is must be updated every time there are changes. Sometimes if the customer finds that there is lack of recent information, he may assume that you are no longer active. If you have blogs, make an effort to ensure that there are new posts that will provide customers the information they require.

Your web design must prioritize the needs of your customers. After all they are reasons why there is a website in the first place.