Websites may vary in their purposes; they may offer different services such as blogging, travel advice, tutoring in Long Beach, but no matter what they are used for, all of these websites are bonded by the importance of web design.

Designing a website can certainly be difficult especially if you do not have an extensive knowledge with design. But if you do not wish to completely rely on a professional web designer, you would definitely have to make the effort. Here are some helpful tips in helping you improve your skills with web design.

1. If you want to avoid an over-designed website, then you should start with shades of gray. Once you do, you would only need to add the color carefully to the design elements. Note that you should add the colors ‘carefully’ and one at a time.

2. When visitors enter your website, naturally, you wouldn’t want them to leave. That is why you should always hide or move the things that could lead them away from your website. While social media icons are good for social media marketing, when you place them in the upper regions of your webpage, sometimes they might take the visitors away. You want to make business with the visitors and not have them look at your Facebook photos.

3. Oftentimes, when you enter a certain website, you may find slideshows or carousels in the homepage and while they were a thing back in the days, right now they are irrelevant. Visitors don’t always stay too long for the slideshows to take effect that is why you might want to ditch them now.

4. If you want to further emphasize or highlight your most important contents, then you might want to simplify your navigation.

5. When you struggle with colors, maybe it’s time to take a walk and enjoy nature. Remember that nature doesn’t run out of colors and you can definitely get some inspiration there.

6. Before you start working on the web design maybe you should first stay away from your computer and work with a whiteboard first. It is better if you carefully and effectively plan your web design before you take action.