Why You Should Still Invest In SEO

In an article published by Jayson DeMers entitled “Is SEO dead?” he shares a conversation with the CEO of VUDU Marketing and an expert in the field of SEO, Mr. Sam McRoberts. When the author asked the entrepreneur whether SEO is already dead, he answered with conviction that “SEO is far from dead”. He also added a warning to the market that people should not think of SEO as more of marketing strategy but instead think of it as a branding play. Mr. McRoberts is completely correct in saying that SEO is not dead. In fact, there are lots of companies that use SEO to boost their sales and image brand. Many companies are also giving SEO services.

SEO packages Sydney is being offered by Leapfrog Media. These desirable SEO packages Sydney help clients in expanding their market reach and solidifying their image brand in the market.

There are hundreds of companies that are renewing their commitment into investing with SEO web infrastructure. Here are specific reasons why your company should be investing in SEO:

1. SEO definitely works. The techniques in SEO absolutely are still very functional and helpful. Many are worried that since organic traffic in Google was pulled out recently, SEO is not anymore applicable. Contrary to this belief, the techniques remain genuinely sound. There are myriads of SEO case studies that can verify this.

2. SEO is here to stay. According to market analysts and strategists, SEO is not likely to cease in activity in the foreseeable near future. This is based on the analysis of how search engines are behaving and developing.

3. SEO is very cost effective. Employing SEO for your company is definitely a good investment since it provides a good return on investment (ROI). Other marketing approaches such as social media marketing, PPC advertising or email marketing program will not solidify your online presence as much SEO can do for you.

4. Search engines have a rapidly increasing market share. Approximately 85 percent of customers are now checking online reviews before making a purchase. It will not be long before every one will be searching for products online.


Web Design Tips To A Successful Real Estate Website

Expert real estate agents should know by now that having a wider reach when it comes to online presence is important in getting more clients and selling more house and land packages. Online visibility could make or break a business depending on how it’s handled. If you have been in the business for years then you must have had the most basic tool needed to build an online presence such as a website, business blog and Facebook page for your business. These three can be easily established, what is more important is how you use these in order to succeed online.

– The website design should be responsive. With the advancement in technology, online users are now connected to the internet through various gadgets anywhere and anytime. When marketing your house and land packages online, users should be able to view your website properly no matter the type of device used. For smartphones, the screen is smaller and website designed for laptop computers might load longer and might not display properly. Responsive web design gives your website the ability to adapt to whatever device is used and how ever big the screen is.

– A real estate website should be localized and feature contents that are local to the area they are marketing. If you are selling house and land packages in a certain town then it is best to focus on that venue and provide more contents with the location in mind. This is more effective for visitors who just moved to the area and are looking for properties. With the website’s information regarding the local establishments and neighborhood, users tend to visit more often and trust is built.

– Gather more e-mails. A website should be able to get the user’s email if they wish to subscribe. A subscription could keep the user updated with the new properties up for sale, local news and events they should be interested in and so much more. With this link, sooner or later, once they decide to buy a property they will more likely remember the company’s name through the various emails.

– Answer online questions and you will be marketing yourself at the same time. For those who are not keen on searching every real estate website, they prefer to ask questions online and visit those provided in the answers.

JavaScript Solutions To Address Cross-Browser Compatibility Issues

JavaScript Solutions To Address Cross-Browser Compatibility Issues

Last week, I got to meet some of the guys at Perth Web Design and I learned a few good things from them that inspired me to write this post. The trend today is to ensure that a website is accessible from mobile devices in order not to lose the opportunity of interacting with the growing mobile audience. However, web designers are often challenged with problems on cross-browser compatibility.

JavaScript solutions for older browsers without CSS3 support

From the viewpoint of a web designer, cross browser compatibility means compatibility across different browsers. It is important for the web designer to ensure a design that works properly with an appearance that is error-free and functional in whatever platform it is accessed by a user. This is one of the most difficult challenges for the web designer since there is wide variety of browsers and different versions of a browser that support various design techniques. In the responsive web design approach, photos and media need to be flexible and adapt to different screen sizes without compromising loading time. Using the largest version of a single image is not the solution because it will take a lot of time to load the image in a 2G smartphone. High resolution images will probably display a quarter of its original size.

Another problem is that media queries do not work well with older browsers. In order to help serve the responsive web design approach on older browsers without the CSS3 support, a web designer can use 3 JavaScript solutions:

  • Respond.js – is the simplest of the solutions and allows older browser versions to understand and execute CSS3 media queries
  • Modernizr – is a small JavaScript library that detects if there are native implementations of next-generation web technologies
  • Adaptive.960.js – is the solution that differs from the other two because it does not make use of CSS3 although its concept is similar to CSS3 media queries

A few years from now, older browsers will be irrelevant because they would soon be superseded by the desktop counterparts which make it better to work with media queries now and extend support for the older browsers using JavaScript plugins.

Designing A Responsive Website

Designing A Responsive Website

You can make use of a website as a platform to inform people about an idea or you could use it as a means to promote your product. It has been the trend of the world today to make use of electronic commerce as a means of retailing a product. One creates a website wherein the buyers could purchase online. This makes lives easier. You will not be burdened by being stuck in traffic just to get to the shopping mall to purchase something. The online world has indeed evolved, catering to the distinct needs of human beings. As a player in the online world, it is important for you to have the right tools in order to invite response from your audience when they visit your website.

Tips and Tricks

You ought to know who you are up against online. There the giants in the industry that you are in. They hire experts to design their website. Do you stand a chance against them? Of course! Do not underestimate yourself. You can do. Here are some tips and tricks in designing your website.

Create a common theme for your website.

There are free website layouts or designs available on the internet. Ensure that there is unity in the colors and overall design of your website. Create professional impressions on your users.

Scale your images properly.

Optimize and scale the pictures that you will display in your website. Make sure that the photography is of high quality. This way, your users could immediately capture the message that you want to relay to them.

Use distinct and insightful navigation tools

The primary navigation tool in your website should be in a horizontal placement and is found in the upper section of your website.

Cultivate a good ambience

When users visit your website, give them some space to breathe and explore. Have the words displayed in such manner that there are enough spaces in between paragraph or sentences. Do not give your users a headache by condensing paragraphs in a tiny space in your website.

Design every page as if it were the first page the visitor opens

Every page in your website should be carefully designed. Don’t fall into the trap of having only your home page designed with careful thought. You should pour out your idea in every page.

Why Is CGI Significant In Web Design And Development

Why Is CGI Significant In Web Design And Development

PHP is a more popular scripting language for web design because it is free and it is has an open source license. A web developer does not need to pay for the license of using PHP as long as it is not for commercial purposes. With PHP, you can end up building a full packed interactive social media website, or a simple information site. You can build and run a business website with PHP, just like that doesn’t use a Content Management System like WordPress, which is popularly used nowadays.

However, when you are dealing with web pages, you will often hear people talk about CGI scripts. Actually, CGI is essentially the connection or interface between a form on the website and the website server.

Important facts about CGI

  1. CGI is not a program; it is the interface between the web page or browser and the server that runs the program. In fact, before JavaScript was introduced, web pages have no way of interpreting reader reaction except through the web server. Now, this interaction is done through scripts and programs that make use of common gateway interface to create interactive programs on pages.
  2. CGI can be used to run programs on your website; however, many of the free or less expensive web hosting providers does not allow CGI access on their servers.
  3. Programs and scripts that run on the web server can be used as a CGI program but most web developers prefer to use Perl, C, C++ and Unix shell scripts to write their CGI scripts.

How CGI is used in web design

CGI is used in the creation of Word documents that depend on user interaction. CGI scripts are used in resolving form data, in putting data into databases, in sending data in the form of an email message and in responding to the form entry with email or a different web page. CGI is also used for behind-the-scenes interaction with readers because they can read cookies and acquire information such as browser and operating system.

Many of the functions of CGI can be duplicated by new technology like JavaScript and ActiveX but many browsers do not support this newer technology. The primary advantage of using CGI instead of browser-based scripting is to ensure that all readers including those using outdated browsers will be able to use the programs. It is also common for many company firewalls to disallow new technology in their systems because of security and bandwidth reasons.

PHP – The Scripting Language For Building Dynamic Web Pages

PHP – The Scripting Language For Building Dynamic Web Pages

PHP is a widely used scripting language and interpreter to create dynamic web pages. PHP is free with an open source license. This means that the open source license only covers the commercial use of the code. For example, if you want a blog for your website, Simple Blog PHP script can easily be installed into the website without worrying about the license. PHP is mainly focused on server-side scripting to collect form data, generate dynamic web page content or send and receive cookies. The script is also good for database access, disk access, networking and manipulation of text.

Why do more and more web developers use PHP?

  1. The traditional approach was to use CGI mechanism in adding interactivity but each new request requires the server to start a new process in the kernel that consumes CPU time and memory making the CGI mechanism a lot slower particularly when using multiple concurrent CGI scripts. PHP interpreter which is also called parser generates the HTML code in the server so it does not consume CPU time or memory.
  2. PHP is widely used in the web because it is free and it has a fully featured platform where the use can download the source code and executables and install them on the computer. If you are on a limited budget, PHP would be a good option in building dynamic data-driven websites.
  3. PHP is quite popular for being easy. The language is a combination of the best features of C and Perl.
  4. PHP has a native database support from MySQL, mSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Direct MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, Unix, dbm, IBM DB2, dBase, InterBase, FrontBase, Ingres, Hyperwave, Adabas D, Solid, FilePro, Empress, Ovrimos and Velocis that allow access to databases directly through SQL statements. In addition PHP supports Open Database Connection (ODBC) standards that will allow you to connect to other databases supporting the standard.
  5. PHP is compatible with majority of operating systems like Linux and its variations, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, RISC OS and many others. Majority of web servers support PHP and they have the PHP interpreter module. With PHP you have a wide range of choice for server-side scripting ad command line scripting.

The Advantages Of Simplicity In Web Design

The Advantages Of Simplicity In Web Design

It’s good to have a website integrated with the coolest and latest features but sometimes it takes a toll on the website in various ways. Creating a website with a simple design can be very advantageous to the site owner. Simple doesn’t always mean that your website will lack all the cool features and attractiveness that entices the viewers; it will just get rid of unnecessary elements that have a bad effect on your website.

There are many advantages with a simple web design. First of all, the website becomes easier to navigate. Navigation is made simpler because of the absence of clutter and the web pages are fewer in number. Most people prefer a website with a simple design because it is easy to understand and familiarize.

Simple design also means smaller file sizes that allows the website to load faster. A website that is easy to navigate and loads fast can greatly contribute to user experience.

A simple website can also easily determine if there is a problem. Problems are also easily solved because there are only a few style sheets for web designers to trace. Also, simple web designs allow web designers to easily construct and build a great website. Sometimes, there are also websites that appear simple but are actually really complex. Color choices can be quite deceptive. You would think that having simple color choices means simple web design but this is not entirely true. The simplicity of the design is determined by its usability and the minimum elements that the site is integrated with.

In creating a simple website, you should first ask this simple question: what is important? What is not?

Remove decorative elements that have no relevance or unnecessary to the website. They only add to the loading weight of cluttered websites. You don’t have to remove all the decorative elements; otherwise, your site would look dull. Remove only the ones that have no important functions.

Make sure that the backend of your web site is the same as your frontend. Sometimes, there are websites who focus only on the frontend of the website. This is wrong because it will leave the backend all cluttered up and back to being inefficient. Rather than have a simple design that is quick, if the backend structure and programming isn’t well organized, you’ll probably just end up with simple and slow site.

A simple website can be very advantageous; especially those who wish to make business with an online audience that wants to get what they’re looking for fast and hassle free. Some business sites like that of Landscapia have integrated simplicity to their web design. This will enable potential clients to make easier business and inquiries with the company. They can easily sell their products, artificial grass for example. You only need great content and a good design and features and then you are all set.

Web Scripts And Designs: A Look At Online Shopping Stores

Web Scripts And Designs

Being an online retail shop where its main goal is to provide the best service to their customers in the selling of merchandises such as from their favorite TV shows, films, comics, novels and games, it is crucial for an online store like TV Store Online to have a website that is inviting and nice to look at.

There are a few areas in a retail website that needs consideration and this can be achieved successfully if the following elements are followed:


One of the most vital elements in web scripts and design – and something that the TV Store Online Website sorely lacks – is spacing. The layout shouldn’t be cramped and the texts shouldn’t be unreadable for users.

Simple Navigation

Simple navigation is crucial in order for a website to be able to function properly without having to break down and crash. They need not to be complex or unique. They just need to be easy to use and simple to recognize. Visitors only ask for simple things when it comes to browsing websites: familiarity on what area they are on in a site, a quick way to go back to the homepage and directions on which way to go.

Social Media Buttons/Links

A website needs to have social media links in order to be able to draw other people using social networking sites into their stores. If there seems to be an overload of social media links in the online shop, then that could easily overwhelm the visitor. Any links located below the upper part of the homepage should be avoided or removed.

Style For Buttons

Buttons should be identifiable and one of the same. They must have similar design special effects and touch, in spite of its position or reason for that button’s existence. The buttons in any online shop need to be clear and uniform.

Great Images

A website that contains great images is a mega plus for a website’s success. The image sizes should be sufficient, although it needs to be sharp and not appear pixilated.


There are big fonts and small fonts. If they are crammed up and there is no proper spacing in between the sentences, it makes it difficult to read for users.

A Brief Insight On The Difference Between Scripting Language And System Programming Language

A Brief Insight

Scripting languages and system programming languages are designed for different tasks. Scripting language is designed for gluing and connecting several powerful components together while system programming language is designed specifically for building data structures and algorithms from scratch. Several recent trends brought about by technology resulted in faster machines, increased use of graphical user interface and component architecture have greatly affected the applicability of the scripting languages. These trends are expected to continue in the future and more new applications will be written entirely in scripting languages while system programming languages will be used primarily for creating components.

The differences between scripting language and system programming languages

Scripting languages used today include Perl, Python, Rexx, visual Basic and Unix shells. They represent a very different style of programming than system programming languages. Scripting languages assume that there is already a collection of useful components that have been written in other languages and they are intended for plugging together the components.

Scripting languages are also often used to extend the features of components but not for complex algorithms and data structures. So as to simplify the connection of components, scripting languages tend to be typeless which makes it easier to hook together components. There are no restrictions on how things can be used since all components and values are represented in a uniform fashion. A component that has been designed for one purpose can be used for any situation.

In contrast system programming languages are strongly typed by the programmer to declare how each piece of information will be used and the language will prevent the information from being used in any other way. Typing has its advantages because it makes large programs more manageable by clarifying how things will be used so that they can be treated differently. System programming language was introduced mainly as an alternative to assembly languages where virtually every aspect of the machine is reflected in the program making it difficult to write and maintain large programs. System programming language is of a higher level which means that many details are handled automatically so that the programmer does not need to write so many codes in order to get the job done right.

Must Have Tools Of A WordPress Developer

Must Have Tools Of A WordPress Developer

Every year, new web tools and scripts are released and it continues to develop as technology advances. Thanks to open source plugins and free scripts, web developers have more access and control.

WordPress, a CMS platform, is web designers’ and web designers’ top choice when it comes to providing a wide range of free templates, as well as different useful plugins. These are very important in building a website that is not only beautiful but highly functional as well.

If you are looking for the perfect tools and scripts for you, you need not look far. WordPress developers, hold on to your seats. These are the list of free source tools:

• HTML5 BLANK – If you like building your own idea for an e-commerce site like ugly christmas sweaters, this WordPress template which is a free open source is the perfect choice for you. Its HTML template codes are very simple; no wonder web developers prefer this rather than other similar tools. Web developers find that there is no need to create files from scratch using this template when customizing new WordPress themes.

• WordPress Bootstrap – Since the popularity of the Twitter Bootstrap, it has been the focus of web developers especially the new ones. This idea was then merged beautifully with WordPress Bootstrap. WordPress Bootstrap is an open source theme which utilizes the Bootstrap framework. It is built using a theme source called Bones. Most of WordPress Bootstrap’s elements and features come with a default shortcode.

• Roots Theme – This theme is a free WordPress theme that is built using the Twitter Bootstrap. It is basically runs using HTML5 Boilerplate. It is easier to customize and a great alternative to WordPress Bootstrap. By editing roots, even web developers who haven’t used this theme before can learn a lot after a few days. It is a great teaching tool.

• QueryPosts – A great number WordPress documentation can be found using this tool and it is easier to understand. You can even look at sample and the codes. Function names are all in single file, along with the important parameters and the location in the script. This is a recommended website for WordPress developers.

Can You Keep Your Blogs Fresh?


Time may come when your beloved blog design may look too boring and flat. If you don’t wish to change your blog radically that your followers might not recognize it then how do you keep it fresh for your readers?

1. Consider putting up a new section

Adding a new section in your website will greatly freshen up your website content without ruining your original concept. You can add a section for your upcoming projects for example. Or you can just put anything you like in that new section especially the ones you’ve like to share but not directly related to your website content.

2. Try some additional video clips or an image gallery

Make your website fresh using video clips or a gallery of pictures related to your website content. Pictures and videos can be easily update and are very catchy. You can make tutorial videos for your followers or even a photo gallery of your recent adventure you think your followers would like to know more of.

3. Client Testimonial

Your client’s feedback is also a good way of keeping your blog fresh. Moreover, it is also a great way for you to advertise the integrity or your services or products. A client’s positive feedback adds to your credibility and effectively attracts more people to try your services or products. Testimonies also make your customers feel closer to you.

4. Encourage followers’ involvement by adding competitions

Daily or weekly challenges and other small contests or games will make your readers more involved. This makes your website more interactive and exciting. You can decide whether you want to give prizes or not. It is natural for us people to compete and challenge ourselves and it’s a fun way to keep your blog irresistible.

These are just a few of the many ways you can keep your blogs fresh. Best of all, you don’t need to be a website design specialist to do the suggestions above. There are many web scripts to help you design and manage your site. For a more personal touch, customized scripts will make your blog changes in no time. This will keep it fresh and easily managed.

Web Design Mistakes That Must Be Avoided At All Costs

Word cloud - web design

For a website is the most vital part of the business particularly for our marketing and branding campaigns. Take, for example, Visitors to that website have one thing in mind that is to search for different kinds of packaging materials that can be used to enhance products. It is therefore important to ensure that all information necessary for a purchasing decision is available on the site. Mistakes in web design can lose them thousands of dollars in revenue which means that investment must be made on professional web design for potential revenue.

Mistakes that have to be avoided in web design

1. Urgency is not an option – before designing a website, it is important to research the target audience in specific market. If you know the requirements of your audience, you can determine what they want from your site. What particular industry will require packaging and how will web design gain their attention? This question can easily be answered once you have researched your market.

2. Design should not be flashy – for a website dealing in packaging, like in the PaperMart exampel, a flashy design is not appropriate because it tends to lose its credibility. Flashy web designs do not look good in mobile devices and if you are targeting mobile users, the best option is to choose responsive web design so that your website can be accessed through different platforms.

3. No clear call to action – when a visitor accesses the site, he already knows what he needs and if you want this visitor to buy a product or subscribe to a newsletter, tell him what to do next. There must be a clear call to action to make it easy for the potential customer to decide.

4. Content must always be up to date – content must always address the needs of customers which means that is must be updated every time there are changes. Sometimes if the customer finds that there is lack of recent information, he may assume that you are no longer active. If you have blogs, make an effort to ensure that there are new posts that will provide customers the information they require.

Your web design must prioritize the needs of your customers. After all they are reasons why there is a website in the first place.